African Scout Soldier - Timelapse Demo

This was done in September 2019 for my very first teaching experience in The One Academy, work from home situation has given me extra time to clean up these videos to be able to upload here and share it to everyone! :)
The goal of this video is to show my student how to sketch out characters in the fastest way possible with photos and paint-over. There isn't much design thought process here since the main goal is to show them an entry level of sketching with photos.

For Industry standard, more details are required from the sketches, I would spend another 1 or two hours to polish up the sketches for better presentation; this artwork was done in a short amount of time with a lot of explanation and supporting images for my students to understand more about the workflow.

My workflow and process has change a lot since then, looking back at these videos has definitely help me understand how much I've improved and what I can learn from the past mistakes.

Hope you guys enjoy this!
Will be uploading more of these.