OPUS Cinematic trailer Concept Art drop Part 02 - Hallway

OPUS in game cinematic Trailer

Within an artificial body, lies a will to live.

I am excited to announce OPUS! A real time cinematic trailer by Passion Republic. It all started with a short story we had in our minds and thus we decided to make a trailer from there. I joined the project mid way in the pre-production stage, so from there i was tasked to design every assets or environment scenes required for the trailer.
For this one it's a Hallway leading to the cockpit. This one was looking for a long, claustrophobic, repetitive yet function-able direction. Since we're dealing with repetitive designs, 3D is the way to go. Explored on different lighting and shapes for the hallway, this one was of the very first piece of environment i started when i joined the project. Thanks to my teammates for giving feedback on how we can make this better.

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